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Attleboro High School Football

Attleboro High School Gridiron Club

Q: What is the Attleboro High School Gridiron Club and what are we all about?

The Attleboro High School Gridiron Club consists of parents, AHS alumni and fans of the Attleboro High School football program. With many cities and schools experiencing severe budget cuts it's becoming more and more difficult for school athletic programs to function properly. The main purpose of the AHS Gridiron Club is to assist in providing needed funds to the areas of the football program which have financial shortcomings. 

Money raised goes toward...

  • Equipment
  • College Scholarships
  • Clothing
  • Uniforms
  • Football Camp
  • Special Events
  • etc

How is money raised...

  • Football Apparel sales
  • Gold Cards
  • Annual Gridiron Dinner Dance
  • Calendar Sales
  • Golf Tournament
  • Comedy Night

How can you help?

  • The Gridiron Club is open to everyone. We typically meet the second Monday of every month in the Culinary area of AHS, but always check the website for the exact date, time and location.
  • Attend as many of the fundraising events as possible. They're always a fun time and you can always bring your friends and family too.
  • Raffle baskets are always needed. If you cannot attend an event, this is a great way to help.
  • Offer to help work the fundraising events.
  • Offer to help at the Apparel table at every varsity home game.
  • Contact any Gridiron member for information...

Deb Pantages

Gridiron Club President

email: [email protected]

Sue Sherck

Gridiron Club Vice President

email: [email protected]

Tammy Mota

Gridiron Club Treasurer

email: [email protected]

Kelley Hegarty

Gridiron Club Secretary

email: TBD

Ulrica Strachan

Team Communication Secretary

email: [email protected]

General Gridiron Email Address

[email protected]

General Members

Arte Evans

Tammy Mota

Janice Daniels

Michael Strachan (Coach)

Leo Johnson

Dennis Walsh


Attleboro High School Blue Pride Gridiron Club By Laws